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Why is lubricant benficial with condoms

Khen Vanny, 29, from Phnom Penh, said women of all ages have taken to using the lubricant to get rid of spots. Telegraph on Facebook. However, it can make almost all sex better for men and women alike. You should also never use a lubricant that contains oils, fats, or greases such as petroleum-based jelly like Vaseline , baby oil or lotion, hand or body lotions, cooking shortenings, or oily cosmetics like cold cream.
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What is a lubricant?

Condom lubricant cures acne - Telegraph

Chafed from sex the morning after but still want to keep on going? What Causes STIs? Potential benefits of coconut oil for sex. According to a study , coconut oil is clinically proven for safe and effective use as a moisturizer. Next question: What are some common pubic hair removal methods for women? Silicone lube offers the best of both worlds, being super slippery and condom-safe.

How to use lube to make sex and masturbation *so* much better

For those with allergies or sensitive skin, choosing a more natural option like coconut oil , with no added chemicals or toxins, can also make for an appealing lubricant. They are more slippery than water-based lubricants, and also last longer, though they can be more expensive. But what else can you do to make your sexual experience even better?
You may be tempted to reach for coconut oil during intimacy, but more research is needed to determine how safe it really is. Water-based lubes are also ideal for people with sensitive skin or vaginal irritation, and can be used with condoms and sex toys 4. In How about that? Some evidence suggests that lubricants containing glycerin may increase the chances of vaginal infections, while others actually find glycerin makes no difference to the microflora of the vagina at all 7,8. Always use it with your sex toys , it will protect both you and them. See college girls peeing on toilet
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